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css broken after apache2.2 upgrade (fixed with EnableSendfile Off)

Hi folks.

As the subject says, I took the plunge again and re-upgraded apache2-common to apache2.2-common. This time it worked (2.2.3-3.1), mostly. (Before it was failing with the mod_authz problem).

All my sites (mostly wordpress blogs and moinmoin wikis) were serving up content, but they were returning empty css files with a 206 http code.

Google told me this can occur when the apache2 binary is built on a server with Sendfile (?) installed but run on one without. The EnableSendfile Off directive seemed to fix things.

It seems to me that either a) the apache2 binary should be built without Sendfile compiled in, or b) the apache2.conf should contain EnableSendfile Off as a default.


ps. Before this I had never heard of Sendfile!

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