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Bug#397526: apache2.2-common: Extras for deflate.conf: application/x-javascript text/css

On Monday 13 November 2006 06:30, Olaf van der Spek wrote:
> >> Could you add application/x-javascript and text/css to
> >> deflate.conf?
> >
> > This does not work reliably with MSIE 6.
> >
> > For text/css this is definitely the case with the most current
> > MSIE 6,
> >
> :(
> Do you have any links to more info about this problem?

There are many problem reports and MS knowledge base entries about 
this, but it is often unclear to which version of MSIE6 they apply. 
Most problems are (or should be) fixed with the MSIE6 from XP SP2.

From my personal experience however, in some cases a fully patched 
MSIE6 (in september) would sporadically not use the css and display a 
garbled page, although it worked when reloaded. From tcpdumps I could 
not see a difference between the working and non working cases.
The problems went away when I disabled compression for text/css, 
On this particular problem, I don't have more information. Older 
versions of MSIE6 have a lot more problems than this, so what you do 
always depends on how many clients you can afford to lock out.


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