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Bug#396631: more information

> Peter noted that this suggests a deeper problem with libapr, because
> my kernel doesn't support sendfile64() but libapr1's configure script
> decided I had it anyway.

This turns out to have been the problem.  Once Branden kludged apr not
to detect sendfile64, his problems seem to have gone away.  (Well,
Firefox was still doing something funny but that may be unrelated.)

This bug should be reassigned to 'libapr1' but I'll leave it here for
now since people will be looking for it under apache2.  It appears that
switching apr to runtime detection of sendfile64 is the way to go, as
just disabling it might have adverse effects on people who serve DVD
images over gigabit ethernet.  (Regular sendfile won't go past the 2GB
ceiling, or so it _appears_.)

Hoping (but not promising) to get a tested patch into apr in the next
few hours,

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