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mod_authnz_ldap weirdness

Anyone else been playing with mod_authnz_ldap in an
apache virtual server setup? I originally setup a
virtual server with mod_auth_ldap configured, at some
point after an apt-get update/upgrade mod_auth_ldap
got disabled from apache mod startup and
mod_authnz_ldap used instead. After working through a
couple of minor re-configuration problems I eventually
got LDAP authentication working. Now however it is
fails to authenticate with the following error log

[Mon Nov 13 09:41:52 2006] [warn] [client] [7893] auth_ldap authenticate: user
rleach authentication failed; URI /bin/logon
[ldap_search_ext_s() for user failed][Operations
error], referer: http://wiki.domain.com/svn/

Anyone else seen this or have any insights...?


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