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Bug#397310: Patch to make basic user authentication work with Apache 2.2

tags 397310 + patch

Here is the very simple patch that should make user authentication work
with the default installation of apache2. I confirm that this bug bites
many people, and some people in #apache on Freenode seem now frankly
pissed by Debian because of it. :-/

Index: Source/debian/apache2.2-common.postinst
--- Source.orig/debian/apache2.2-common.postinst
+++ Source/debian/apache2.2-common.postinst
@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@

         # Those come from mod_auth:
         a2enmod authz_default
+        a2enmod authz_user
         a2enmod authz_groupfile
         a2enmod authn_file

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