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Re: Apache 2 and LFS?

Steve McIntyre skrev:

I was doing some testing today using DVD images, and was surprised to
see that the apache2 in unstable still does not have LFS support. I
saw the same issue reported in #386024, and I can see #383774 asking
for LFS to be enabled. There is clearly no simple fix, as mentioned
there - modules need to be recompiled and tested. Thom confirmed this
on irc today too. So, onto my question:

The simples fix is to upload apache 2.2 to unstable, something I'm working on. It's unfortunately not very easy to help -- you can check out from svn://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-apache and test that upgrades, etc work correctly, and provide patches for any issues you encounter.

- tfheen

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