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Bug#389792: apr_1.2.7-4(unstable/arm/europa): missing build-depends

Package: apr
Version: 1.2.7-4
Severity: serious

You appear to be missing a build-depends on doxygen.

| Automatic build of apr_1.2.7-4 on europa by sbuild/arm 85
| Build started at 20060927-1256
| ******************************************************************************


| ** Using build dependencies supplied by package:
| Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 5.0.0), autoconf, autotools-dev, dpatch, libtool, mawk, uuid-dev


| doxygen /build/buildd/apr-1.2.7/docs/doxygen.conf
| make[1]: doxygen: Command not found

A complete build log can be found at


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