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Bug#388443: apache2: MUST NOT send data in an 304 reply

Adam Conrad wrote...

> Christoph Biedl wrote:
> > 
> > | <?php
> > | header('HTTP/1.0 304 Not Modified');
> > | ?>
> While I can see the argument that apache should perhaps be trimming its

See the RfC. It is not "apache should perhaps", it is "apache must".

> own output, you are aware that you can "fix" this in your PHP script by
> not having that trailing newline in the file, right?

There is no "my" php script. I found squid's "Excess data" messages in
my log and finally arrived at a totally different reason for that.

> I realise some text editors enforce having a trailing newline, which
> makes it a pain to remove it, but others will let you trim it.

This would result in a lot of bug reports against the according scripts.


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