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Re: Bug#387396: subversion: depend libapr0 >= 2.0.55-4.2 (libdb-4.4 problem)

[Karl Chen]
> $ svnadmin --version
> svnadmin: Bad database version: compiled with 4.4.20, running against 4.3.29

This is a symptom of the ABI change between libapr0 2.0.55-4.1 and
2.0.55-4.2, since the latter uses Berkeley DB 4.4.  Can you please do
the following to libapr0:

- "Conflicts: libsvn0 (<< 1.4.0)"
- "libaprutil-0 0 libapr0 (>= 2.0.55-4.2)" in the shlibs file

These two things address the incompatibility from both directions.  The
shlibs change would have prevented bug #387396.


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