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Bug#384340: apache: postinst fails when ucf isn't installed

reopen 384340

* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2006-09-09 11:42]:
> Version: 1.3.34-4
> The version in sid only calls ucf if the binary can be found
> (determined with `which`). I think this bug is thus closed.

 That the version in sid is fixed is nice and useful information, but
that doesn't solve the problem in stable. As you are propably aware
bugfixes from unstable (and testing) don't flow automatically into
stable, so I really would like to see this fixed in a stable update.

 Thank in advance,
Dessen NOC erklaerte uns aber, dass das Mailproblem nicht an ihnen liegen
koennte der ihr Router habe gar keinen Port 25. Der habe nur 16 Ports.
Also kann Mails nichts mit Port 25 zu tun haben.
             -- Ulli Horlacher in <a3789e$6i2$1@moep.bb.bawue.de>

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