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Bug#385083: apache: Large files support in default installation doesn't work

severity 385083 wishlist
merge 156972 385083

Seems like you didn't read bug 156972.  You can try the version of
apache2 in experimental to get this problem fixed.

On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 12:47:08AM +0200, Mr. Zdeeck wrote:
> Maybe I'm just misinformed, but large files support (>2GB) doesn't work.
> For example if large file is present in the directory and the directory is listed
> using apache (ie mod_autoindex), the presented filesize is the real filesize
> modulo 2GB. I think in these days, when filesizes >2GB are getting more common
> (see DVD images, etc.) it's critical bug that default installation of apache in
> such distribution as Debian doesn't support them.

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