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Bug#383615: Fwd: Bug#383615: split out libaprutil1-dev sqlite, pgsql, ldap dependencies

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From: gmu 2k6 <gmu2006@gmail.com>
Date: Aug 19, 2006 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: Bug#383615: split out libaprutil1-dev sqlite, pgsql, ldap
To: debian-apache@lists.debian.org

On 8/19/06, Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@err.no> wrote:
* "gmu 2k6"

| I would like some of the libaprutil1-dev dependencies to be split
| out to additional packages ala php-mysql so that the following
| dependencies are optional and only installed by those who need.

Why?  I'm not inclined to do it for just a few files; disk space is
cheap and even more so on development systems.

it's not about disk space, it's about installing as few packages as
possible to have a clean selection with a minimum of update

if Debian is "the universal OS" then it should allow clean installs
without falling back to apt-build.

one of the major reasons I'm using Debian out of the binary
distros is that it allows me to install a minimal system and let
me decide which packages I want, most of the time. although
we are much better than RPM based distros which don't seem
to have a "Suggest" field some packages are not done right
regarding the features one can to enable/disable during
just take the libwxgtk packages which requires esound, this
is only so because the packager did not split the package
in -base, -sound, etc. the point here is that wxWindows is
most likely used for the GUI abstraction and not for sound.
insert `apt-cache depends xchm` here.

I'm using libaprutil1-dev to build Subversion >=1.3.x/1.4(rc)
and the dependency I saw with it is similar to installing some
font or graphics libs which require the whole Xorg baselibs
chain. I build Subversion, because Apache 2.2 is not in etch/sid
yet and so it is built against APR 1.0.x right now my own
-DLARGEFILE aka APR 1.2.x Subversion. btw, this does not
mean I'm using mod_dav_svn, svnserve is all I need as of know.

so what do you think?

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