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Problem with interrupted requests

I've realised a very annoying difference between apache 1.3.33 and
2.0.54 (using mpm-prefork):

Executing the PHP script '<? while(1){sleep(10);} ?>' and pressing the
'Stop' button of your browser or stopping your browser itself would
result into an apparently never ending process and a half open
connection with status CLOSE_WAIT on the server with apache 2.0.54.

With apache 1.3.33 the process would stop executing this script
immediately after about 60 seconds.
'max_execution_time' from 'php.ini' and 'TimeOut' are set to 90 seconds!
(On both servers the process time wouldn't increase 0 seconds.)

I don't want to use sleep() in my scripts, but the same problem occurs
with long time database queries, which could simply overload apache
after a couple of reloads with your browser.

Is this a bug or I'm missing something in my configuration?


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