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Marshall Elliott cameand Mother had to go down Nan was happy again. I always think its a dull old time when theresno funerals going.
I muthtput her to bed and thtay with her.
Clara was afine-looking bit of goods then. She had never been sounhappy in her life.
I dont see HOW God could let it rain today, she whisperedrebelliously. Perhaps, after all, one living creaturemourned Peter Kirk.
Theres a smudge on your nose, Jam-face, jeered Bill Palmer. Two girls went by, whispering to eachother.
She had thrownSusans lovely gold-and-silver cake into the brook . Mother had promised the committee that cake .
Nan looked at the figure that had suddenly risen up from beside themarigold bed.
Nan, who sang literally from daylight todark and after.
Hasnt got her mas gift ofgab but maybe none the worse of that.
Something precious and beautiful was gone. Pride would not let Rilla cry, but there was a limit to what onecould bear.
She would have hated to be in MissFlorrie Flaggs class 

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