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Wrong link to the apache documentation


After installing packages apache2 and apache2-doc (version 2.0.55-4ubuntu2), I clicked on the "The Apache documentation" link on the default apache page. The link pointing to /manual returned an error not found.

After modifying the file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default
as mentioned below, the error was corrected.

#  commenting out the existing lines and adding new ones
#   Alias /doc/ "/usr/share/doc/"
#   <Directory "/usr/share/doc/">
     Alias /manual/ "/usr/share/doc/apache2-doc/manual/"
     <Directory "/usr/share/doc/apache2-doc/manual/">
I am a beginner and do not know if the above changes are correct. But it works for me. Kindly do the necessary to correct the wrong link.

I.T Department.,
World Community Service Centre

May the whole World enjoy Peace, Prosperity and Happiness.
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