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Bug#316321: revisiting the "reload target" issue

Le Mar 30 Mai 2006 15:52, Adam Conrad a écrit :
> Pierre HABOUZIT wrote:
> >   Ping apache2-common maintainers ?
> >
> >   is there any reason why that bug is rotting in a RC state for 4+
> > monthes ?
> >
> >   I may perform an NMU soon.
> Yes, because I'm preparing a 2.0.58 upload which includes several
> patches to the init scripts, not just this one, so uploading just for
> this one bug would be reasonably pointless.

well, we have to be under 300 RC bugs in 15 days, and the current 
counter says 355 or so ;) so the sooner the better.

anyway that's good to hear, and I also cancel my NMU ping.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
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