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Re: Status of apache/apache2 in Debian

Julien Danjou <acid@debian.org> wrote:
> I would like to know what are the status of Apache packages currently.
> There is several RC bugs, no update for a while and Apache 2.2 was
> released some month ago.
> Do you need help?

	There's a few issues with Apache 2.2;

	- It uses libapr-1, not libapr-0. Other packages (such as
subversion) that use apr-0 could *probably* just be linked against libapr-1
(my own code compiles cleanly against both anyways).

	- Some modules have been renamed and split up (mod_auth ->
mod_authn/mod_authz, etc) - porting these changes could be difficult, but at
the same time there's no compelling reason to support both apache 2.0 and

	- The addition of the "filters" API, and invoking it by default,
means that config changes need to be made for any non-HTTP modules for
apache2. Probably not a big issue for debian, since I don't see any non-HTTP
libapache2-mod-* packages in sid.

	- mod_perl2 2.0.2 does not compile cleanly under apache 2.2.2. This,
I consider a blocker, because I'm a perl nut. ;-) The unclean workaround is
to build mod_perl2 against apache 2.0, then install it into an apache 2.2


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