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RE: Talkpoint Webinars

I wanted to reach out to you and introduce my company, TalkPoint and see if
there might be an opportunity to work together.

We specialize in working with organizations such as yours to create
effective online communications. Our client list includes:  Quintiles,
Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Halliburton, Dell,IBM,AIG,Bristol-Myers Squibb and
Bear Sterns.

Our Services Do not require any downloads:

You can watch a short demo presentation on our services, by clicking here:

Talkpoint Demo:
McDonald's Worldwide Video News Announcement: 



Thanks for your feedback or referral to the relevant business manager - do
you have a moment to discuss?


Marc Elia
Account Manager
TalkPoint Communications
100 William Street 9th Flr.
New York, NY 10038

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