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Acquisition Management Is Growing in Fed Sector

Title: Acquisition Management Is Growing in Fed Sector

Acquisition Management Will Grow and Grow

It's not going to go away.

In fact, recent laws enacted by Congress ensure that acquisition management will be a growth area into the foreseeable future. Consider that the President's FY2006 budget calls for a 7.1% increase in IT spending over FY2005 - an IT budget figure of $65.2 billion. This in a time of budget cutbacks!

Like other types of business, government is in the position where it needs to run in order to stand still. The tax system is undergoing modernization. The Patent and Trademark Office must continue to automate its paper files. Homeland Security initiatives focus on linking together the disparate information systems of many departments. The Department of Energy needs to manage multibillion dollar environmental remediation projects. These types of jobs will never end.

Somebody needs to manage these programs. In the new public sector environment, that "somebody" is acquisition managers. Congress has passed a number of laws to ensure that government workers are up to the challenge of managing major programs. These include the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act of 1990 (DAWIA), the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, the Service Acquisition Reform Act of 2003 (SARA). Recently, OMB Emphasized the need for strengthening acquisition management capabilities in Policy Letter 05-01 of 2005. These laws and orders require Federal agencies to make the development and nurturing of acquisition management capabilities a Number One priority.

A key component of acquisition management career development is education and training. In order to move forward on the acquisition management career track, education and training tickets need to be punched.

UMT is a major provider of online acquisition management courses and programs. It is a strategic partner of DoD's Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and a Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). It offers both training courses and degree programs online.

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