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Extraordinary Leather Care from Obenauf's

Greetings from Obenauf's,

Obenauf's Leather Care products are the most effective method of
treating leather boots, apparel, and outdoor leather gear that is
exposed to extreme weather, heat, or caustic chemicals. Fire-
fighters, emergency workers, soldiers, rangers, and others who
depend on their gear will appreciate this remarkable product.

If you have fine leather furniture that is fading or drying you
can rejuvenate it with remarkable success using Obenauf's. Bring
that old leather couch back to life for the holiday visitors!

Obenauf's Leather Care products provide miraculous treatment
for all types of leather including fine apparel, workboots, 
equestrian leather such as saddles, motorcycle leathers, 
shoes, and much more. Click here to learn more.

Best wishes this holiday season from all of us at Obenauf's.


Robert Grover
Obenauf's Online
Extraordinary leather care products.

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