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Apache 1.3.33 (debian built) and Apache SSL does not

Apache 1.3.33 (debian built) and Apache SSL does not
respond to the proper ports  	

Hi All,

I set up a firewall server in front of the apache
server using port
forwarding technique that relies on iptables.

I am using debian sarge.

The set up works for a while. Then, the apache servers
do not listen to their ports. Then, another for a
while, they start working.
After serving several requests, they stop working

I believe that this is not firewall issue.

Below is output from netstat -apn

tcp 0 0*
LISTEN 4821/apache
tcp 0 0 ???.??.??.??:4499

tcp 0 0*
LISTEN 4834/apache-ssl
tcp 0 0 ???.??.??.??:4537

As shown above, apache and apache-ssl are running, but
they don't
respond to requests. Thus, I receive "The operation
timed out when
attempting to contact ???.??.??.??" from my firefox
Please note that ???.??.??.?? is undisclosed ip
address of the server.

Thanks in advance.

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