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Bug#322348: /etc/init.d/apache script wasn't removed by postrm

A. Costa wrote:
>>>Seconded.  It's not installed on my system:
>>>    % dlocate -s apache | grep Status
>>>    Status: deinstall ok config-files
> [ much confusion about status lines ]

I think you're confusing the first and last columns.  That "installed |
not-installed" stuff goes in the third column, which is the state
column.  In your case, the state is "config-files", which is basically
halfway in between installed and not-installed.

The first column is the selection state (what would get set by dselect,
for instance), which is more a statement of what you've TOLD the package
system to do, not necessarily what it has done.  That one can be
"install", "deinstall", or "purge", IIRC.

... Adam

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