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Bug#242499: More info

I have the same bug with this conf:
installed OCS Inventory NG (http://ocsinventory.sourceforge.net/),
with this apache config :
PerlRequire /var/www/ocsinventory-NG/Ocsinventory_startup.pl
<Location /ocsinventory>
        order deny,allow
        allow from all
        SetHandler perl-script
        PerlHandler Ocsinventory
        #Database name
        PerlSetVar DBNAME ocsweb
        #Database user
        PerlSetVar DBUSER usernamegna
        #Database password
        PerlSetVar DBPWD gnagnagna
        #Listening server port
        PerlSetVar DBPORT 3306
        #Server hostname
        PerlSetVar DBHOST localhost
Ocsinventory_startup.pl is OK
Something that may help

22.3.3. exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

If you build mod_perl and mod_php in the same binary, you might get a
segmentation fault followed by this error:

    exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

The solution is to not rely on PHP's built-in MySQL support, and
instead build mod_php with your local MySQL support files by adding
—with-mysql=/path/to/mysql during ./configure.

For me, the problem is reproducible. First use is ok, but second
outputs in the error log (so i have to restart apache.

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