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Bug#322604: SECURITY: Vulnerable to CAN-2005-1344?

notfound 322604 2.0.54-3
merge 307134 322604

Christian Hammers wrote:
> Hello Apache maintainers,
> please check if Debian is vulnerable to CAN-2005-1344 and make sure it
> enters http://www.debian.org/security/crossreferences or the not-vulnerable
> lists.

You can find a note that this bug was fixed in the changelog for apache2
(2.0.54-3), as well as in the testing security teams's database. Bug
#307134 was previously filed for that. It might be wise to at least
check the changelog before filing grave bug reports in the future.

So this hole was not present in the stable release and thus the stable
security team will never issue a DSA for it (apache2 is not in
oldstable), and so it will never appear on the Debian website.

see shy jo

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