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How to handle configuration for apache modules?


I'm a little confused about handling configuration for apache and apache2. The 
first doesn't support /etc/apache*/mods-available/* files so the module 
package can't provide proper *.conf file. I rather would like to see 
mods-available/mods-enabled infrastructure in apache 1.3 packages rather than 
config files located in conf.d for apache modules.

It would be absurd to create /etc/libapache-mod-XXX directory for each 
external apache module. This should be suggested only for web applications 
which could 
provide /etc/$PACKAGE/{apache,apache-ssl,apache-perl,apache2}.conf files and 
create symlink into /etc/$APACHE/conf.d in postinst script.

I really would like to see /etc/apache/mods-available 
and /etc/apache/mods-enabled directories in apache package. I see no reason 
why apache-modconf file wouldn't support this schema. Instead of creating 
modules.conf file it could create proper symlink from mods-available to 
mods-enabled. In fact, it could be much safer as far as it would be possible 
to use <IfModule>...</IfModule> in *.load files.

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