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RE: Apache upload speed

You are so right!

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From: Adam Conrad [mailto:adconrad@0c3.net] 
Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 2:04 AM
To: Cliff
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Subject: Re: Apache upload speed

Cliff wrote:
> My DSL can do 256k upload but I can only get 30k upload with Apache. Is
> there a way to control the upload speed of apache or does it have to be
> done in the OS? If so does anyone know how to do that?

Apache will happily saturate your available bandwidth, if there's no other
contention.  Of course, my first suspicion here would be that you're not
having troubles with a congested connection, but just with math and the
different between bits and bytes.

My DSL connection has an upload speed of 256 kbits/s.  Most web browsers
will display download speeds in kBytes/s.  256 bits is 32 Bytes.  So, if
you're downloading from your webserver at 30 kBytes/s, you're getting 240
kbits/s, which is pretty darn close to your line speed, especially when
you factor in TCP overhead.

If simple math isn't the issue, I suggest you look for other applications
running on your network (like file sharing apps) that are causing
bandwidth contention.

... Adam

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