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Bug#310650: Acknowledgement (apache2-mpm-prefork: SSLUserName directive does not change REMOTE_USER)

> I've forwarded this upstream, hopefully someone there will have a look at
> it before I have a chance to.  Unless the Sarge freeze gets rolled back
> (which I doubt), a fix for this most likely won't make it into Sarge,
> however. :/
  I'm new-enough to debian to not quite be sure what this means -- will
  this -never- be fixed in sarge (because it will only use 2.0.54 and
  this isn't the sort of patch that would be backported?) or that
  shipping sarge is such a priority right now that I'll have to wait a
  few weeks (months?) after sarge ships to see this bug fixed there. 

  Thanks for all the help, 

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