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kindly consider

Pardon the abruptness and the liberty of this
letter; It is due to its exigency.

I write to a seek your indulgence.
I am in need of a foreign partner to assist in the transfer of a
considerable amount of money.
What we require is someone who is reliable and trustworthy, who has a 
vision and the ability handle such funds.
 We need someone who can share our dreams and ideals.

I have the legal title to the sum and we shall go through the legal
procedures entailed in both our laws and international laws in 
transferring the funds to you in trust.
Please do not at this point misunderstand my intention, because
understandably, we are not acqainted. I do not even know if you will 
be reliable and trustworthy, but I believe that everything starts with a first
step. I know that I need to explain everything clearly to you before you 
can come to a decision as to whether you can assist me or not, and I will 
do this as soon as I get a response from you.

In consideration for your assistance, we have agreed to give you the 
normal transaction
commission obtainable. 

If you can be of assistance, please write to me for more information,
otherwise, I thank you for your patience.
Please confirm if this  apache@packages.debian.org is okay to communicate.
Thank you for your courtesy.

Best regards,
Peter Jackson

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