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Bug#307584: apache2-common: Rename /etc/apache2/conf.d/apache2-doc to apache2-doc.conf

"Adam Conrad" <adconrad@0c3.net> writes:

> Uhm, how many packages have you filed bugs like this on, and more
> importantly, what are you smoking while doing it?  We have made no such
> change to the apache2 default config, and it continues to work as it
> always has, bugs and all.

I appologize that I made a mistake here.  And I don't smoke!

> If YOUR local config is set up to not allow files other than *.conf,
> that's not something we pushed to you, it's something you did on
> your own.

I did not set up my local config like this.  And the change in the
config happened on two machines the day apache2 got updated.  And I
found that under bug #304786:

| Apache configuration has been modified to include only files in conf.d that
| end in .conf.

So why should I think that change has not been made by the apache2

Now I have investigated that issue and found out that this change in
the apache2 config has been made by the phpmyadmin package.  There a
bug has already been filed under #307275.

> The real fix for other bugs relating to this one is for me to get a patch
> in to ignore .dpkg-* files, etc, not to constrain people to using only
> *.conf.

I agree.


Matthias Julius

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