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Bug#307567: [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: Bug#307567: apache2-common: Apache2 consumes 100% CPU after a few requests]]

[Sorry, I posted with the wrong email account]

> I'm not familiar with apache internals, nor LDAP, but I can try to
> help begin diagnosis.


> Could you provide a strace of the process when it is in that state?
> (strace -p <pid>)?  Maybe also a strace of the process beginning
> before it is in that state, and ending sometime after it has gone into
> that state.

Here it is. I'm not familiar with bug reporting w/ Debian: I've gzipped the log, to keep this email small. If I should
have sent it as plain ASCII, please let me know.

Here's what I did to obtain this trace:

/etc/init.d/apache2 start # use prefork
ps ax | grep apache2      # to get the PIDs -> 23224 to 23229
sudo strace -p 23224 ... -p 23229 2>&1 | tee ~/apache2.strace

I then run a small script that use wget to stress the webserver from another console, until the script got deadlocked
(as the server does not answer the request when it consumes 100% CPU), then broke the strace execution (Ctrl+C)

top      # to get the PID of the process eating up the CPU time
grep [pid] ~/apache2.strace | gzip -c > apache2.strace.23229.gz

I then restarted strace -p 23229, but strace does not show any other trace for this process.

I'll come back later in another email with the GDB trace, if I manage to get it.

Thanks for your support,

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