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Packaging of APR 1.1.1


are there any plans to package the (now separated) Apache Portable
Runtime 1.1.1? I am currently working on packaging the log4cxx package,
and the new version 0.9.8 which is currently being worked on needs
the new APR. If noone is working yet on the new APR, I will issue an
ITP bug for it. I would like to propose the following package structure:

libapr1			APR library
libapr1-dev		APR development files
libapr1-doc		APR documentation

libapr1-util		APR util library
libapr1-util-dev	APR util development files
libapr1-util-doc	APR util documentation

libapr1-iconv		APR iconv library
libapr1-iconv-dev	APR iconv development files
libapr1-iconv-doc	APR iconv documentation



Andreas Fester
WWW: http://littletux.homelinux.org
ICQ: 326674288

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