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Bug#235653: Status of Bug 235653?

Mike McCallister wrote:
> What is the status of bug 235653 (http://bugs.debian.org/235653), to
> enable mod_auth_ldap to use TLS/SSL?  Based on the response from March 1
> 2004, it sounds like it was intended to be fixed in short order, but
> this bug is still open.  Is it likely to be fixed any time soon?

Note that the page you pointed to states that SSL is supported via the
Netscape SDK *OR* TLS is supported via OpenLDAP.  I would read that to
mean that the "LDAP: SSL support unavailable" message would be expected
when using OpenLDAP.

Have you tried the LDAPTrustedCA and LDAPTrustedCAType directives which
are pointed out at:


The way I read that would be that you shouldn't use "ldaps://" with
OpenLDAP, but rather just "ldap://"; with the two directives above.

If you can try that out and let me know if it works out of the box, then
perhaps I can close this bug. :)

... Adam

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