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Bug#305121: New upstream version 2.0.54 available

package: apache2

New upstream version 2.0.54 is available.

Couple security-related fixes include a bug where httpd processes can stay alive after shutdown and permissions of created files in htdigest.

Changes with Apache 2.0.54

 *) mod_cache: Add CacheIgnoreHeaders directive.  PR 30399.
    [<r.pluem t-online.de>]

 *) mod_ldap: Added the directive LDAPConnectionTimeout to configure
the ldap socket connection timeout value. [Brad Nicholes]

 *) Correctly export all mod_dav public functions.
    [Branko Èibej <brane xbc.nu>]

 *) Add a build script to create a solaris package. [Graham Leggett]

 *) worker MPM: Fix a problem which could cause httpd processes to
    remain active after shutdown.  [Jeff Trawick]

 *) Unix MPMs: Shut down the server more quickly when child processes are
    slow to exit.  [Joe Orton, Jeff Trawick]

 *) Remove formatting characters from ap_log_error() calls.  These
    were escaped as fallout from CAN-2003-0020.
    [Eric Covener <ecovener gmail.com>]

 *) mod_ssl: If SSLUsername is used, set r->user earlier.  PR 31418.
    [David Reid]

 *) htdigest: Fix permissions of created files.  PR 33765.  [Joe Orton]

 *) core_input_filter: Move buckets to a persistent brigade instead of
creating a new brigade. This stop a memory leak when proxying a Streaming Media Server. PR 33382. [Paul Querna]

*) mod_win32: Ignore both PATH_INFO as well as PATH_TRANSLATED to avoid hiccups from additional path information passed in non-utf-8 format.

    [Richard Donkin <rd9 donkin.org]

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