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Bug#303228: apache2-common: a2(en|dis)(mod|site) scripts should make apache2 reload

tags 303228 = wontfix
thanks mate

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 08:46:02AM +0200, Sebastian Hegler wrote:
> Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Also, think of this case: you enable a module such as proxy, which sets
> > up proxying, but you need to configure it first so it's not an open
> > proxy, or whatever.
> This is counter-intuitive, too, IMHO. You would only want to enable
> something that is already configured.

Thanks for telling me how I use my computer ... but that's not how it
happens.  A lot of HOWTOs also describe first enabling and then
configuring the module.

> How about the following behavior:
> 1. Create symlink in "enabled" dir.
> 2. Run "apache2ctl configtest" to do basic syntax checking.
> 3. If 2) fails, remove symlink created in 1), complain, exit. If 2) is
> successful, restart apache2.

No.  The current behaviour is fine.

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