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I am Samuel Malone, a member of staff in international private banking. I
am contacting you in regards to a previous client of mine, who invested
with our bank four years ago when I was the de-facto chief operations
officer of the private banking sector.
My client was a Russian based businessman who was part of the oligarchy
elite organization. He had numerous business operations around the world,
which allowed him to acquire enormous wealth. 
While assigned to him, I recommended a number of investment opportunities
where he invested the sum of Thirty two million seven hundred thousand
united state dollars and acquired a profit in excess of ten percent.  In
mid 2002, he asked that the money be liquidated as he needed to make an
urgent investment requiring cash payments. Since my bank is not liable to
doing such, he requested a personal favour for me to liquidate the funds
and deposit it with a private Financial and security firm. 
Following his impromptu decision to liquidate the investment, a 5.8 %
deduction was made from the funds to cater for banking and statutory
charges. Following the 9/11 incidents, cash transactions have become
difficult. As I had a prominent role within the bank I was able to deposit
the funds in the private security firm, which is known to deal with highly
influential individuals and blue chip corporations. In line with his
instructions, the money was deposited as bearer bonds under the name of
Goldberg International. 
The last communication I had with my client was on the 25th of November
2004, where he was making arrangements for his deposit to be claimed.
Thereafter it was discovered that he was a victim of the tsunami disaster,
as he had business operations in southern coastal part of Thailand. 
After the acknowledgement of his death, it became apparent that there was
no claim to his funds since he listed no next of kin in his bio-data form.
Being a private bank, some of our clients prefer anonymity, where opening
an account is kept confidential. Accounts are rarely held under a name,
depositors use numbers and codes to make the accounts anonymous. This bank
also gives the choice to depositors of having their mail sent to them or
held at the bank itself, ensuring that there are no traces. Apart from not
nominating a next of kin they sometimes leave their will in our care. 
In this case, my client died without a testate.
If no claim is made within six months, the security company will legally
confiscate and auction the content of the deposit. If discovered that the
content is cash, I will be implicated with a possible prison sentence,
since I made the deposit on his behalf. Consequently it is important that I
find a credible candidate to play the role of the next of kin to help claim
the deposit. As I made the deposit, it will be suspicious to claim the
deposit myself. It is on this ground that I need your assistance to claim
the funds, which will be possible with the information I hold. Once this is
achieved, you shall be entitled to 25% of the total funds. 
I am aware of the risks involved in this proposal, therefore I ask that you
consider the factors above and keep it strictly confidential. However, if
you feel you are unable to fulfil this role, I request you discard of this
I look forward to hearing form you.
Samuel Malone

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