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Compilation with SHARED_CORE option

On Sarge, I am trying to build a debian package using the SHARED_CORE
option. I have done the following steps:
Edit debian/rules, and modify CONFARGS to use SHARED_CORE, and set
EXTRA_CONFARGS = --enable-module=so.
run dpkg-buildpackage -> It dows not compile, error in main/http_main.c.

run dpkg-buildpackage, this time I modify main/http_main.c before it
gets compiled to remove the offending method, here it works.

When I want to install the built package, I get errors again. It wants
to run /usr/libexec/libapache.ep, but it does not exist.

If I coy manually, I get a new error with libapache.so not found. I
link it, then it "seems" to work.

I then try to install mod_php, and it does not work -> libapache.so
does not have a .info file.

At this point, I think those are way too many problems, and I wonder
if I should not do everything manually, considering all the
modifications I have to do to make the system work. BTW, I have not
yet been able to install mod_php, it installs but does not recognize
my php files...

Can someone help please? TIA,

- Bernard GALLET -

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