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Compiling Apache-Perl

Can anyone help me with the instructions to compile
Apache-Perl-1.3.26-1-1.26.0woody2 on my 68k machine
that already has the pre-compiled version installed. 
I need to change some of the suexec parameters to
match my directory layout, and I am not sure what
parameters, default directories, etc I need to set to
make sure my new install matches the old (except for
suexec).  I could not find any documentation on how to
do this with Apache-Perl, only for Apache.  Since
Apache-perl has a different placement of files than
regular Apache I am afraid I may muck something up.  I
am not a linux expert, so any help would be very
appreciated.  Any other resources you could point me
to would be helpful as well.
Apache/Linux Learner

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