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Bug#294648: apache2 virtual domain ErrorLog directive not working?

Package: apache2-common
Version: 2.0.53-2

Hi, has the ErrorLog directive functionality been changed recently? I'm seeing 
python script errors that used to be written to the file specified in each 
virtual domain config file, are now being written to the default apache error 

I.e. instead of going to /var/www/apache2/virt_dom1/error_log they're going 
to /var/www/apache2/error_log, apparently now ignoring the ErrorLog entry in 
the virtual domain files.

But the virt_dom1/error_log isn't being totally ignored, it does get a 1 liner 
along the lines of:  "Premature end of script headers: <snip>", while 
apache2/error_log gets all the meat for each error.

This has only started to happen recently. Feb 8 shows errors in the expected 
error_log. /usr/sbin/apache2 show an update of Feb 9.


Debian: Sid
apache2-common (2.0.53-2)
apache2-mpm-threadpool (2.0.53-2)
apache2-mpm-worker (2.0.53-2)
apache2-utils (2.0.53-2)

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