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Bug#293123: apache: Please add mod_spambot

retitle 293123 RFP: spambot -- prevent unwanted site downloads
reassign 293123 wnpp

* Nigel Horne 

| Package: apache
| Version: 1.3.33-3
| Severity: wishlist
| Please add mod_spambot to your distribution.

It is an add-on module, so it would have to be packaged seperately
from apache itself.  I've changed your request into a RFP (Request for
Package) so somebody might pick it up.

The description on http://spambot.sf.net reads as follows (for whoever
wants to package this):

: Spambot - prevent unwanted site downloads
: Mod_Spambot is an Apache plugin which monitors the data being
: downloaded from a server. When the number of requests for a client
: exceeds a preset level no more downloads are allowed for a preset
: time. When this happens the client received a tailored message
: informing them of what has happend. Many of the features can be
: tailored to the needs of the webmaster to help to prevent false
: positives and to customise the definition of a client to be
: blacklisted.
: If a client, that has not been whitelisted, downloads more than 100
: pages in an hour they are blacklisted unless there has been more
: than 10 minutes between the downloads. All the figures are
: configurable - those values are the defaults.
: The algorithm is simple, but surprisingly effective. No doubt it
: will improve with time and feedback. When an IP is blacklisted, it
: receives either a bespoke page, or the default 403 ErrorDocument. An
: IP is then blacklisted until 10 minutes elapses between
: requests. HEAD requests are ignored.

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