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wwwconfig starter guide for the distracted & lazy?

I intend to update the TWIG package to use wwwconfig, but I am at a
loss as to where to start reading about best practices wrt wwwconfig.

I've found stuff like
http://people.debian.org/~seanius/policy/webapp-outline.txt and
threads like http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/12/msg02127.html
but nothing conclusive, nothing that identifies an agreed upon policy
or strategy.

In absence of policy, best practice is good for me... so a poll of
which packages you think are doing the right thing would be a great
start for me.

What is this TWIG thing you ask? It's a LAMP webmail package Jordi
Mallach has put for adoption. From the package...
Description: The Web Information Gateway
 TWIG is a groupware client designed to be used with web browsers. The main
 goal was to provide an IMAP client, but it now offers agenda, news-reader,
 bookmarks, contact list and other features.
 TWIG can be used as a webmail app with remote mail and news servers, so
 these are not needed in the local machine. This package is prepared to be
 used with either MySQL or PostgreSQL, but it is possible to use it with many
 other databases if properly configured.
 More info about TWIG can be found in <http://www.informationgateway.org/>.



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