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Bug#237377: space for php session files

I was also recently hit with a similar problem:
/etc/init.d/apache reload
killed all Apache processes immediately.

After thorough examination, I have found, that the problem was related
to PHP4 session directory. The default path for that is '/tmp', but
I have changed that to '/var/php' and mounted that directory as tmpfs
(ramdisk) with maximum size of 64 MB. It seemed more than enough for the
bunch of small session files and the shared memory file

The latter file is quite interesting, as in 'ls -l' output it shows the
size of ~64 MB:
-rw-------    1 root     root     67108864 gru 16 12:15 session_mm_apache0.mem
but the actual usage measured with 'du' on disk is much smaller:
12k     session_mm_apache0.mem

I thought my ramdisk had enough space, and 'df' output confirmed that.

But that's in fact not enough (and there was no message in logs saying
about not enough space). Anyway, increasing the ramdisk size to 80 MB
solved the problem.


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