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Re: Question about maintaining the unofficial/parallel apache-lingerd package.

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Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
| Hello there.
| I'm maintaining an unofficial package, apache-lingerd [1].
| It's a new flavour of the official Debian apache source tree.
| As it won't be included in Debian, and as some users requested me
| to maintain the package against the last sid packages, I'm a little bit
| confused :

Alexis, with all respect, you have send out this mail after only 2 days you have
tried to contact me in private and i had no time to answer. I find a bit annoying
that you jump to conclusion so fast.

I understand that there is a possible request for your packages, but as I already
explained to you, adding another flavour of apache is not necessarely simple.

Also, I was going to ask you to discuss the security history of lingerd together
with out security team as next step.

If we need to add this flavour, we need to know first if it has any security
complication or bad security history.

Did you also consider to start creating patches for all modules so that they
can use lingerd?

As personal opinion I need to agree with Tollef, that apache1.3 is basically
a dead package and it might get removed from Debian after Sarge is released.
That means providing only security support to it.

Are you ready to give such commitment to your package? What I really don't want
is to endup maintaing another flavour on my own and i guess this is the same
for the other memebers of the team.


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