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Bug#272069: apache: fix for #269009 raised a new problem

Package: apache
Version: 1.3.31-6
Severity: important

#269009's usage of www-browser instead of lynx raised a new problem: Not
all www-browser alternatives do support -dump. netrik e.g. does need
--dump. Switching to --dump on the other hand would make w3m getting
problems. I don't know for other browsers that do the www-browser
alternative like (e)links, lynx supports both.

 This needs to be addressed soon and should IMHO definitely go into
sarge. What a clean solution is I don't really now. It would be great if
w3m supports GNU-style options, but I don't think that that is going to
happen soon.

 Thanks for working on it in advance.
Aber der Aufwand Linux zu installieren und vim zu lernen ist *IMMER*
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                                  -- Jens Benecke [2001-06-02]

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