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segfault while trying to apt-get install apache2-common on AMD64

Hi there,

this is just for your information. I'm not sure if this realy is a
bug. And it might not be apache related at all. But this was the only
package I had this problem with.

Yesterday i tried to install apache2 from sid on my newly installed
Athlon64 machine.
It always aborted with a segfault while doing postinst.

dpkg[6752]: segfault at 00000000001ac1ba rip 0000002a956e3770 rsp
0000007fbfffc518 error 4

Trying to install via dpkg -i didn't work either

I then did a `apt-get -b sources apache2` and installed the version I
compiled myself and everything worked.

Maybe you have a good guess why it didn't work on my machine with the
precompiled package.


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