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NonProfit Takes Action

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Atlanta, Ga - MindIQ Teams up with The Girl Scouts to train volunteers via the web.

The Girl Scout Council of Northwest Georgia will be implementing MindIQ?s e-Learning system to reduce costs in training over 6,000 member volunteers. 

?Using MindIQ?s Design-a-Course e-Learning system will allow us to considerably reduce more expensive face-to-face training sessions.  We will now be able to deliver much of our member training online and achieve a much higher degree of consistency?, said Harriet Hessam, CEO of the Girls Scout Council of Northwest Georgia.  ?The Design-a-Course software lets us create, deploy and track all on-line training, with a small staff.? 
?MindIQ is extremely pleased to be associated with the Girl Scouts?, said Louis Bernstein, CEO of Atlanta-based MindIQ.  ?They do such a wonderful job of turning girls into strong, self-assured woman.  We hope Design-a-Course will play a key role in their training.?

To become a volunteer at the Girl Scouts go to www.girlscoutsnwga.org or call (404) 527-7500.
To learn how you can train your own ?group of volunteers? for less than five dollars per year, per person, call 800-234-1005 or visit www.designacourse.com for complete details. 

Order any Design-a-Course license in the next 30 days and receive BOTH MindIQ's Human Resource e-Learning courses - "Harassment: Basic Understanding and Behavioral Guidelines" and "Managing Conflict in the Workplace", for your entire staff at NO CHARGE.
To check out the content of the courses click:
With Design-a-Course's unique branding feature, and a few mouse clicks, you can easily place all of your contact information right in these courses. 


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