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apache-modconf and module ordering

hi *,

i intend to package mod_chroot[1], an module which makes it possible 
to run Apache in a secure chroot environment without any aditional
files. The `chroot' call is performed at the end of startup procedure,
when all libraries are loaded and log files open.

Well, the problem is, that mod_chroot has to be loaded as the last 
module during the apache startup. Now im wondering how to solve 
this, since apache-modconf doesn't provide the option to place 
modules in *whatever* order (at least, i didnt figure out how).

I dont know if this situaion has been discussed at all, so 
im asking how to deal with such modules in general. Should the
package resign to add the entry to modules.conf and leave this
job to the administrator (by providing examples, README.Debian)?

Is there a simple way to ensure that an module gets loaded
as the last one all the time?

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/272110

    - michael 

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