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support for running multiple apache instances?

has anyone considered adding support for running multiple apache

i've got three instances on my box, and i've sort of hacked it together...
and it causes troubles during package upgrades.

for example, one of my instances called "webmail" is implemented like so:

/etc/init.d/webmail is a copy of /etc/init.d/apache-ssl with
NAME=webmail instead of NAME=apache-ssl

/usr/sbin/webmail is a shell script containing:
	exec /usr/sbin/apache-ssl -f /etc/webmail/httpd.conf ${1+"$@"}

/usr/sbin/webmailctl is a copy of /usr/sbin/apache-ssl with several
instances of apache-ssl replaced with webmail.

and another instance called "sheep" which is essentially a copy of the
non-ssl apache, implemented similar to above.

i've got several reasons for doing this -- one of the most important
surrounds the sheep server which is used by a whole bunch of screensaver
clients and has completely different interactive response demands compared
to typical websites (i.e. it's completely non-interactive)... and by
running a separate instance i can give its CGIs a long timeout without
letting it chew up all the child slots for the interactive webserver.

i generally just prefer to divide up some major functionality so i can
impose different constraints.

anyhow -- during upgrades these extra servers don't get stopped/started
appropriately ... and i'm sure i'll run into other troubles if the modules
lists ever need to change and so forth...

is there a "right" way to do this?  i couldn't see any indication in the
scripts that this had been considered.


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