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Bug#242543: More information

I've managed to track down why QUERY_STRING works and PATH_INFO doesn't.

In src/modules/standard/mod_include.c around line 2181 mod_include fixes up
the QUERY_STRING. If I add similar code to fixup PATH_INFO ie:

  if (r->path_info) {
       ap_table_setn(r->subprocess_env, "PATH_INFO", r->path_info);

Then it fixes my problem with PATH_INFO not being set correctly.

I think what's happening is that mod_include is setting up the subrequest
using the values from the parent (main?) request. Then code has been
specifically added to correct the QUERY_STRING based on the subrequest, but
not the PATH_INFO.

If I setup a mod_perl that looks up a URI and then runs the subrequest, it
behaves as I expect with the QUERY_STRING and PATH_INFO set according to the


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