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Re: Bug#269499: apache-ssl: SSL log directives don't work?

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On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Rafael D'Halleweyn wrote:

> Package: apache-ssl
> Version: 1.3.31-5
> Severity: important
> The SSL log directives don't work for me, I only get a '+' in the logs.
> Looking at the source in src/modules/standard/mod_log_config.c, I see
> that the '%{clientcert}c' log directive is actually handled by
> log_connection_status since it appears in the log_item_keys array before
> log_ssl_info (and find_log_func matches on the first entry).
> So, as far as I understand, the '+' in the logs is the 'status of the
> connection'.
> Since '%c' is the same as '%X', the '%c' directive should probably be
> removed.

please attach you config files.


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