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RE: Bug#255930: apache-modconf fails to disable modules

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, C.Y.M. wrote:

> I have followed your instructions and first listed the contents of
> "modules.conf" in apache-ssl.  Then I added "mod_imap". Next, I listed the
> new contents of modules.conf (and mod_imap was there).  Finally, I was able
> to remove "mod_imap" and it was no longer in the modules.conf.  But, this
> appears to only work with specific modules.  If I attempt the same test with
> "mod_proxy_add_forward", then nothing happens.

This is a feature and not a bug! if you add invalid lines to apache
config, apache will never work. That's why only valid modules (installed
on the system) are allowed to enter modules.conf.


PS I am closing this bug.

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